More new Universal Externals

Repeating Date:

This finds a repeating date. You give it an event start date, and how often the event repeats, e.g. once weekly or every eight days, and a test date. It can then find the nearest repeat to the test date, either before or after the test date.

and Terry Heaford has put two useful image externals onto the SuperCard Yahoo Files area:
Images can manipulate the source image contained in a SuperCard variable, crop, pad, scale rotation etc.
mergeImages (beta) which implements the composite operations contained within Cocoa by merging two images. ]]>

SuperCard 4.6

SuperCard 4.6

SuperCard 4.6 was released.
Main new feature is Universal Binary Architecture:
SuperCard and SuperCard authored applications now run natively with enhanced performance on both Intel and PowerPC based Macintoshes. which will be handy sometime in my future.
SuperCard externals can now be built with xcode.
And several new features including:

  • Metal Window support (see the image above)
  • Functions to convert HFS and POSIX file paths which will save a trip to appleScript
  • Application function which returns the file path to the currently running copy of SuperCard or SuperCard Player.
  • repeat for each
  • volumeMount and volumeUnMount messages letting SC know when a volume is mounted or put away( pass the name of the volume)

and several features to do with external development. ]]>