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Taking it to the Limit

HyperCard and SuperCard are very powerful indeed, here are a few things that have been done with them. All of this is way beyond what I and most other classroom teachers will ever need to know, but it is nice to know there is room to grow.

groboto screenshot

A mind blowing SC based application to "gives kids a fast, fun, intuitive 3D drawing environment." I paid the shareware within about 20 minutes, weird mechanical/biological object.

Worth looking at the Gallery to get an idea of what this application can do.

yenco agenda screenshot
yenco agenda screenshot YENCO.COM produce a variety of shareware products all with SuperCard.
lighthead icons

Lighthead Software is a Swedish software organization they produce Macintosh software made with supercard including:

mailtunes screenshot

Lighthead's Tomas Franzén is also behind http://www.externals.net/ the main source for Supercard externals.

use a SuperCard control program in their media retreival product. The system features complete control of display televisions including channel availability, volume, etc. It also provides complete scheduling of tapes and disks to rooms or groups of rooms and then links the selected items to the room(s) for interactive control using IR remotes. Finally, it also provide interactive distance learning with links for up to 5 rooms. The leader can view each room, control the display information on the rooms, have camera autoswitch to the speaker for interactive Q&A etc.
This is obviously a complex system involving a control computer, hardware control interface unit and tv control cards. The standard configuration includes event programing and control from the system master and from the inter/intranet in the school.

More examples later if you know of something cool that could go here let me know, especially if it is educational John Johnston jhj@dircon.co.uk.

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