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SuperCard Examples

These are a few of the things I have used SuperCard for in my class. Read the links and Limits pages to see what other SuperCarders have done.

Number Chase Maker

number chase bigger version of sheet

This is a example of a Supercard project quickly made in response to a new (to me ) idea.
A Teaching in context maths tutor showed me this simple game for metal maths. The idea is to have a series of questions on cards, each card has an answer and a question, the cards loop back t othe start. I use them with the whole class against the clock.

If you want more thn one set of cards it can take a bit of time making them, so I made a simple project to produce sets of cards.

I've released this as freeware Number Chase Card Maker Details and Download


Web page creation

fish project

A lot of the pages on our school site http://www.sandaigprimary.co.uk are created with Supercard projects. The one shown above produced this page: Fantastic Fish

I've written a tutorial on the process Basic Supercard to Web pages. This cuts down the amout of work a teacher has to do to get children's work onto the web and involves the children in the creation process without having to teach html.


Other Examples

Halloween Poems is a SuperCard project I made to give children a bit of fun making on screen spooky poems screenshot.
You can download the project from my software page freeware.

Simple Multi Choice Quiz, I have an SuperCard tutorial to make the most basic of multichoice quizzes.
The tutorial has screenshots and all scripts. For Beginning scripters only.

Studio Template This is a SuperCard Template which can be used with SuperCard player It can be used by children to make simple multimedia incorporating Graphics, text, sound and QuickTime movies. HTML Export tooRead more about it and download. NB: Very out of date SuperCard 3.6 file

All my LittleFish software is made with HyperCard or SuperCard you can access screenshots at LittleFish Products

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