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Downloads: SuperCard Projects

On this page you can download SuperCard projects with don't fit on the Littlefish Educational pages.
Any feedback on this freeware welcome.

There are 3 catagories Utilities, Software Toys and SuperCard Developer Utilities and Examples.

supercard icon SuperCard 4 Projects
Needs SuperCard 4 or the free SuperCard Player 4 [link opens in a new window updated April 05]
These project can updated to SC 4.5 project with SuperCard 4.5
SC 4 is a carbon application, runs in OS X, or 8.6 or later with carbonlib 1.6

supercard icon SuperCard 4.5 Projects need SuperCard 4 .5


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Web Tabs Information, download and screenshots opens in a new window.

A project to create a set of web pages with OS X style tabbed navagation. Use to make this page navagation and others in the directory.

supercard icon

This project lets you obtain Color Hex and RGB values from a variety of sources.
The HTML Preview Window lets you preview text and background colors. It also lets you quickly create and open a simple html test page in your default browser.

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Java ScriptMailto Screenshots: OS X  |   OS 9 DownLoad JavaScriptMailTo 16k

A simple project to generate a javascript that produces a mailto tag that spam robots cannot get.

Software Toys

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tinywords desktop stamper More information, download and Example in a new window.

tinywords desktop stamper reads and displays the rss feed from the tinywords.com daily haiku site . Optionally it 'stamps' your desktop with a chosen hakiu.

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The Oblique Strategies are a set of cards by designed by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt.
The cards have been published in various sets © 1975, 1978, and 1979 Brian Eno/Peter Schmidt.
They can be used for getting out of a blank situation, for advice or whatever....
They were published in 4 versions.
Various electronic versions have been released by different folk including a HyperCard version.
I discovered 'The Oblique Strategies' and made a SuperCard version.
I got the text from Oblique Strategies a web site by Gregory Taylor You can read more there and at EnoWeb.

SuperCard Developer Utilities and Examples

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This wee project will display thumbnails of a folder of images, optionally show you some information about them and allow you to drag the fullsized image onto your SuperCard windows to create pictureData graphics.

The project uses Terry's contactSheet external to display the images and his ExifRead external to show information, when there is no Exif data in the image it uses the commandline utility sips to get some information.

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ScriptLib is an online SuperCard Script Library. It can be accessed online and through a SuperCard project.
Needs SuperCard or SC Player 4.
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Simple_guides.proj More information and download opens in a new window.

Simple Guide is a SuperCard project that lists and downloads other SuperCard projects from the server. The projects are an assortment of simple examples and SuperCard guides. updated June 07 for intel and SC 4.5 file format.
Needs SuperCard or SC Player 4.5

More information and download opens in a new window.
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This project is just the text from the finer fields section of the New in 4.5.pdf that ships with SuperCard and examples of the new features and how to script them.

supercard icon supercard icon

A simple onscreen set of SuperCard Rulers.
New in version 1.0.1 updated for SC 4.5 with new version of popupMenu Xcfn, support for right click to pop menu.
Version 1.0.2 Fix for bug in setting transpancy, slightly nicer appearence and a wee bug fix.
Version 1.0.3 Thanks too Greg Mcllhiney for catching a tiger bug. and Ken Norris for letting me know that that I need to set the doLimitWindows for use with the RTE. Both fixed. Additional options in the popup menus.
Old version 1.0 for SC 4.1
Control mouseDown the palettes to get a popup menu
Drag the palettes by anywhere.
The Black numbers are the pixels between the 'T's
If you use MPI shift mouseDown give usual MPI popup
you can drag the 'wee rulers' inside the 'big rulers' too.
Many thanks to:
Chilton for setWindowAlpha ©2003 Chilton Webb
Dan for cDragWindow, 2003-08-17, 1.0.1 by Dan Berghult ©2003 Infomaker Scandinavia. Parts and ideas: Stéphane Leys
Stéphane for MPI
4th World for the old rulers project (SC 2.5 I think) to which this project bears a resemblance.
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Using a script idea from Chilton Webb this project will display a window with a picture of the current card of the top window labeling objects with their IDs or names.
screenshot The labels can be grabed and dragged around so that you can see the ones below on a complex layout.
Holding the mouse down on the picture that opens will give you a popup menu where you can copy it to the clipboard, export it to a file, print it. You can also hide and show sets of labels, reset the labels to their original position if you have moved them. The properties of the labels; font, size etc can be ajusted in the script of the "ID Snapshot" button.

supercard icon

SC Stickies is a very simple utility project that lets you use fake "Stickies" in SuperCard projects. You may find these useful to add notes at runtime. To add a sticky to your project you just drag them from the right hand graphic on the palette to your project.

Once a sticky is on your card:

  • To move a sticky- Command drag
  • To resize a sticky - Comand drag the bottom right corner
  • To type in a sticky- click it
  • To delete a sticky option-shift-click [Thanks to Mike Richards]
  • To alter the color- option hold and if you haven't changed your sharedfile Script you get a color popup.
Stickies will work with AllowDragAndDrop true or false, you can use the project as a utility in the Project Editor, but of course you can't use the stickys produced until you run the project.
SC Stickies has been designed to be used with a runtime editor such the SC4 RTE or ModuloMPI
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This project gives quick access to other projects it consists of a series of user created popup buttons, the buttons pops lists of projects and open the one selected, alias information is stored in the buttons UserProps. Projects are added to the buttons via file dialog or Drag and Drop; drag projects, folders or a combination on to the button and all the projects are listed in the popup.
Uses the Alias2Path and Path2Alias from Mark Lucas's Wetware11 collection(Open Source) updated by Chilton Webb.
Put it in you Utilities Folder.
Version 1.1 29 September 2001

  • Fixes a bug, where if a folder was dropped twice on to a button one of the project would be removed from the popup menu.
  • Give better User Feedback on a drop.
  • Adds Preference for setting SuperCard Global Property to allow palette to be shown in the background; assisting Draging from the finder.

Bugs caught and improvments suggested by Bernard LaVie

the creator of Tangerine

Version 1.2 8 November 2002

  • SuperCard 4 version works in OS X
Version 1.2.2 18 November 2002
  • Minor bug fix and correction to credits.

Older SuperCard 3.6 and HyperCard Stack downloads