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We will start with the simplest multi choice quiz possible and then improve it.

Each page listed on the left has enough instruction and information to let you do the job.
The scripts on the various pages can be copied and pasted into SuperCard, no need to retype.
The example assumes that you are using the RTE (RunTime Editor) that ships with SC4 and have set up the editor with Full Menus. You can change this in the preference or type 'ed full' in the message box and hit return or enter. Open the message box with command M.
In SC 4 with the RTE there are two main ways for changing object properties:
1. The RTE dialogs, which open when you double click an object with the pointer tool or choose Object Info from the Edit menu (command I) when an object is selected. For Card, BackGround, Window or Project Info choose from the Edit menu.
2. Uising the Property Inspector pallete, which is opend from the RTE Utilities menu.
In this example I will use the Property Inspector, which to my mind is a little quicker and more intutive.

Most of the instructions are compatable with ModuloPI an alternative RTE from Stˇphane Leys, which I use in prefrence to the current RTE.

The first version of the quiz will be series of cards with one question per card. So:
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