SC, Image Files and MPI


John27 December 2003 Please post any feedback or points for discussion about the tutorial here.
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César Estrada 4 January 2004 Great tutorial... I'm learning a lot with it. I have one question.

Is there a limit to the amount of files that D&D can handle? When I put this line:

put the number of lines of the dragFlavors

it returned 26, when I actually drop like 40 JPGs into it.

I'm waiting for the next tutorial with great expectations. ;-) Keep up the good work!

César Estrada.

John Johnston 5 January 2004 It looks like each line in the dragFlavors contains 'hfs ,furl'
If you check the number of chars in the dragFlavors it is 255
Looks like that might be a limit.

César Estrada 6 January 2004 Thanks John for your reply...

So; we are going to need a workaround for this limitation... Right?

John J 6 January 2004 Well, Mark Lucas SC's programmer says it is a bug and will be fixed.
I think the workaround will be to drop folders and parse that info, I'll cover that soon. I think that is why I've never noticed the bug before.

César Estrada 6 January 2004 Thanks John... and also thanks for posting my question in the Yahoo forum, I'm from Mexico, and you explained my question much better!!!.

Jim Parr 16 April 2004 Excellent tutorial, well laid out and covering many techniques. Clickable screenshots and color-coded comments are good helps.

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