SC, Image Files and MPI


I hope this is going to be growing tutorial on using SuperCard.
I am going to try to cover some basics in a hopefully interesting way.

The tutorial will be based on some ways handling image files, but it will cover quite a few runtime editing concepts and methods.

It will also cover using ModuloPI the alternative Runtime Editor from Stéphane Leys. MPI, as I will refer to it is avalible for free at In my opinion MPI is a lot more powerful and easier to use that the Runtime Editor that ships with SuperCard.
I will however add some instructions for folk using the RTE. These will have this background color
When I refer to MPI's PI (property inspector) users of the RTE can use the Property Inspector in the RTE's Utilities Menu. It is not as fully featured as MPI's PI.

I don't claim to be a great scripter, but I have tried all the scripts.
With SuperCard there are always other and better way to do things. Please let me know any better ways.

The tutorial is produced in SuperCard and exported to image files and html with SuperCard.

First we need to open SuperCard and MPI and set some preferences.

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