SC, Image Files and MPI

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Mpi Picture Module
Mpi Picture Module 292 by 315

Adding an Export button
Adding an Export button 360 by 199

Exporting Images

Before going back to adding folders via drag and drop, I though it might be interesting to look at ways of exporting the images.
The simplest way would be to use MPI's Pictures module.
Select the object and choose an option (there are quite a few) from the popup menu.

More often we will want to export from a script. SuperCard supports many image formats and has powerful export capabilities.

export pictureData of cd grc "imagedisplay" to clipboard

To export to a jpeg file:
Ask file "Name a file:" with "export.jpg"

if it is "" then exit to supercard
export the picturedata of cd grc "imageDisplay" to JPEG file it

We can export to different qualities of jpeg too:
 export the picturedata of cd grc "imageDisplay" to JPEG file it  with qualitySpec  quality

--where qualitySpec is minimum, low, normal, high, or maximum

We are not limited to JPEG files SC exports to: bmp, jpeg, Photoshop, png, interlaced png, qtif, tiff, compressed tiff, and tga.
So we could add an Export button and give it a script to export to the format we want.