SC, Image Files and MPI

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MPI: New Window Menu item
MPI: New Window Menu item 432 by 374

PI button Behaviour
PI button Behaviour 265 by 211

PopUpData dialog
PopUpData dialog 321 by 255

More Exporting and a New Window 1

When I have made tools like this for real, I usually want one type of export, but in this case we are going to try to cover a few more possibilities.
To handle more complex exporting we are going to add an Export window to our project.
Using MPIs File menu we can choose the type of window we want, this time we want a Standard Small one.
When the new window opens we can name it Export with the PI.
We will add some controls to set the spec for our export.
First add a bevel button (drag it from MPI's tool palette) and use the PI to set its Behavior to popUpButton.
Click on the popupData button in the PI and its popupData window opens, use it to add a list of file types you want.
Make sure you have set your popup Button's showName to true with the PI.