SC, Image Files and MPI

Click on an image to open a fullsized version in another window.

Setting the showfill to none
Setting the showfill to none 322 by 336

Export Window
Export Window 360 by 262

Setting the Window Style with Mpi's popup
Setting the Window Style with Mpi's popup 358 by 262

More Exporting and a New Window 2

Add a text graphic as a lable by dragging one from the Tools module to your Export Window. If you hold the command key down when you grab the text graphic from the palette, MPI will keep the draw text tool selected so you can click and type the name of yor label. Choose the pointer tool and select the label, use the Text Module to set the font and alignment. Use the colors module to set the showFill and showPen to None.
Repeat this process and make a quality popup button to set jpg quality.
We only want the quality button to work when file type is jpeg:
 on mouseUp

set the disabled of btn id 319 to the short name of me is not "jpeg"
end mouseUp

The window is going to be a dialog and we want a default button and a cancel one. (we will set the window style when we have finished the window to make it easier to edit.
Add a round rect Cancel button, lastly add an round rect Export button, set its showName and default to true using the PI.
The Script for the Cancel button is easy:
on mouseUp

close wd
end mouseUp

The Export one is a little more complex: the first bit is easy
on mouseUp

put the short name of btn id 317 into tFileType
if tFileType = "jpeg" then put the short name of btn id 319 into tquality
ask file "Export image to file:" with ("export image."& tFileType)
if it is "" then exit mouseUp
put it into tfilePath

Now we need to build a command depending on the names of our buttons and do that, the command will be slightly different if we are exporting to jpeg as we can control quality. The command needs to have quotes round the file path, so we will use the merge function to replace place holders with the values we got from the buttons and to replace the ` grave accent char with a quote mark:
  if tfileType is not "jpeg"

then do merge("export the pictureData of cd grc `imageDisplay` of cd 1 of wd 1 to [[tFileType]] file `[[tfilepath]]`")
else do merge("export the pictureData of cd grc `imageDisplay` of cd 1 of wd 1 to [[tFileType]] file `[[tfilepath]]` with [[tquality]]")
end mouseUp
Before we go any further we should try out our Export button with the various settings.
When we are happy we can add:
  close window
to the end of our button script. We can set the style of the window to dialog or movable either with MPI's control popUp menu (click on a blank area of the card) or on the Windows card of the PI.
I would add a button to the first window Export Image... with a script to open the export window:
on mouseUp

open wd 2
end mouseUp