SC, Image Files and MPI

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MPI Open
MPI Open 733 by 661

MPI Prefs: Default Editor
MPI Prefs: Default Editor 360 by 286

MPI Prefs: Module Sets
MPI Prefs: Module Sets 360 by 286

MPI Preferences

The first thing to do is to open mpi by double clicking it. The 1st screenshot shows just the property inspector module, the tools and text modules and the main ModuloPI palette at the top.

Choose 'ModuloPI Preferences...' from the file popup on the main palette.
The first tab lets you set which editor you want to open when you launch SuperCard.
You can choose to start with mpi, the rte, both or none.

The Next Tab on the prefs window is Module Sets this allows you to choose sets of Modules to open with the function keys on your keyboard.
The Function Keys you choose are also shown in the Modules popup menu

MPI uses the concept of module project to edit various aspects of SuperCard projects. You open modules from the Module popup menu in the mail mpi palette. To stat with open one of the Tool Module and the PI Module.

We are not going to look at the other prefs now but go on a make a project.