SC, Image Files and MPI

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PI Background Properties Card
PI Background Properties Card 363 by 133

The Window Properties Card of the PI
The Window Properties Card of the PI 586 by 135

Setting Up a Project

From the File popup button in MPI's main palette chose New Project... You will be asked to name a proj in the standard file dialog, call it something like images.proj. You will notice that MPI names the first window with your project name.

A nice feature of MPI is it can use Window Templates; you can choose a window to add to your templates list in the Windows Card of the Property Inspector, or you can create a new template from the preferences window. You can edit add and remove templates from the preferences as well as setting the default used in new projects.
When creating windows from MPI's Edit menu you choose the template from the New Window sub-menu.
With our new project we first want to size the background and then the window. In the property inspector set the background to 650 wide by 520 high.
Move to the Window card of the PI (property inspector) from the Edit... popup and hilite the Resizable checkbox.

We are not going to need all of the window to start with, so you can resize it to be a bit narrower if you like.