SC, Image Files and MPI

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Tools Module
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Tools h Module
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PI Field Properties Card
PI Field Properties Card 586 by 135

UserProp Module
UserProp Module 490 by 287

A List Field

We are going to create a field to hold our list of files. The field will only display the file names, but will store the file paths too. To do this we need to create a UserProperty or userProp to hold the filepaths.

To create a list field in MPI use the Tools Module choose Fields from the popup at the top and drag a scrolling list field from the palette to your projects window.

N.B. In MPI there are 2 Tools modules, their functionality is the same, but the layout is different (see screenshots)

[In the RTE you need to choose the list field tool and draw a field.]

The PI should have changed to the field card, name your field imagelist

Now open the UserProps module, in the define field type uImagePaths and hit enter. You field now has a userProp to hold the file paths.
If you are using the RTE hover over the field with the browse tool and hold down shift-alt-command.