SC, Image Files and MPI

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adding and naming a button
adding and naming a button 299 by 458

Removing Files

Once we can gather a list of files, we may want to remove one or two, here is a way.
Add another button(drag it off the mpi tool module or choose the button tool from the RTE's tool palette and draw one), this time below the field, use the PI to name it Clear Image

here is a script:
on mouseUp

--first find out which line of the field is selected
put the hilitedLines of cd fld "imagelist" into tLine
--if no line is selected, bail out
if tline is EMPTY then exit mouseUp
--get rid of the line
delete line tLine of cd fld "imageList"
--then deal with the userprop
get the uImagePaths of cd fld "imageList"
delete line tLine of it
set the uImagePaths of cd fld "imageList" to it
end mouseUp

Try selecting a line in the field and clicking the new button.

Before we go on to do something with our list we should deal with the autoResize...