SC, Image Files and MPI

Click on an image to open a fullsized version in another window.

Setting field AnchorData
Setting field AnchorData 359 by 330

Setting Button AnchorData
Setting Button AnchorData 322 by 166

 592 by 333


Although our window is resizable the buttons and field do not resize with it.
We want this to happen so.
First we need to set the autoResize property of the background to true, the add an anchorData userProp to the object we want to resize, this will contain instructions that let SuperCard know what we want to happen to the object when it resizes.
If we were using the RTE we would open the sizes dialog from the object property dialog (double click the object to open the property dialog).
But MPI handles this is a more efficient way:
Open the AnchorData Module from the Modules popup menu.
Hilite the 'AutoResize of the bg' button.
Now we can use the module to set the AnchorData of each object we want to resize.
The Add File... and Add Folder... buttons we can leave alone, we want them to stay static at the topleft of the window.

The imageList field we want to stay on the left but grow and shrink vertically with the window. Select the imageList filed with the pointer tool and set the AnchorData to 'left,Top,left,Bottom' (see screenshot)

The Clear Image button we want to stick to the bottom so we give it anchorData of 'left,Bottom,left,Bottom' (see screenshot).

Try resizing the window, the only problem might be if you resize it too small to fit all the object in. We can fix that by setting a minimumSize for the window. To do that choose "Window" from the Edit... popUp on the PI. (You will need to choose the browse tool, or make sure nothing is selected to do this).
Set the minimumSize to 200 by 200, now you will not be able to size the window down smaller than 200 by 200.