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Recently updated with information about the forthcomming SuperCard 4.5. This is the home of SuperCard. Information, Demo download, purchase, example projects and links.
The SuperCard Player Download page.
You don't need SuperCard to use files created with it. Get the free Player which lets you run other folks files.
The Supercard Discussion List now hosted by yahoo. Friendly and very helpful, to join at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SuperCard.
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ModuloPI is the Editor I use for SuperCard. An alternative Runtime Editor from Stéphane Leys, more powerful than the one that ships with SuperCard 4 by a long way.
At the moment ModuloPI is free!
ModuloPI is continually being updated and improved. Stéphane is very helpful.
MultiMessage is just that, a multiline message box for Supercard with a ton of features. Has a easy to use Script Library built in. Updated for SuperCard 4, I would not do without this.
Rare Software also provides Tangerine a alternative Runtime Editor for SuperCard 3.6.
By Tomas Franzén
Externals.net is a website dedicated to providing a central place for finding externals. The idea is that you should no longer need to remember who made that particular external you're after, where you can download it, or even what its name is.
There is a SuperCard Help project you can download which will list and download the externals from the site via the SC Help application.
Chilton Webb's .Mac file sharing page, loads of free externals. See the next entry.
Another Page from Chilton. This one is an external a day project. Chilton will try to produce and list an external for SuperCard 4 every day for a year.
NB. Sometimes the externals end up on the Webb Toys page above, sometime at DevHq, wherever they end up they are a wonderful resource to the SuperCard community.
More from Chilton, and perhaps the final hoe of the externals linked above.
iStill and imageCapture app for iSight was made with Supercard.
43 externals for SuperCard 4 from Matteo Varisco.
highlights for me:
xSortLines and xSortLinesByItem Xfcns for SuperCard 4 that sort a list of rows of text in alphabetic or numeric mode, ascending or descending.
Japanese SuperCard site, mostly in Japanese. Some useful example projects and a growing collection of Externals for SuperCard. There is an english version of the Externals page.
Projects for and experements with SuperCard.
Some very interesting projects here including a great template project t oget you started making Supercard applications, SC Shell.
Probably the most comprehensive SuperCard links site there is. All sorts of SuperCard links, information and news, frequently updated.
Bruce Martin's iCal for the SuperCard chats. There is an iChat/Aim chat about SuperCard most Saturday Afternoons (European time) mornings (US Time). Normally lead by Chilton.
Andy Baird's Supercard Demos. Quote:'Over the years I've occasionally built small demo projects to illustrate various points in SuperCard programming. Feel free to download these projects and steal my code! (Credit is appreciated, of course.) All projects require SuperCard 4.'
Andy also has a couple of SC built applications :Andy Baird's software
Information and tutorials for beginners and others. Download examples. Great site.
Tomas Franzén's Supercard Area, externals and projects. Including SCMakeBundle 1.2 SCMakeBundle transforms your old boring standalones to brand new, shining OS X bundles.
Tomas has some Supercard built applications at Lighthead Software
Fourth World SuperCard Embassy home of the open source wetware external collections, SC X external collection, Listmaster XCFN, some great xTalk information. [externals SC 3]
Fourth World also host the SuperCard FAQ in 3 formats! SC project, plain text and html.
The Scripting Style Guide should be read by every scripter.
Applications built with Supercard. Bruce Martin has also contributed externals and projects to the SuperCard List files area.
Shareware Applications built with Supercard. Beautiful design, Mike Yenko designed the Supercard icons.
Major xTalk developer, SuperCard and other xTalk information, files and tips.
Scott Morrow is a third grade teacher at Custer Elementary School. He writes software at home in his spare time for his students to use in the classroom. Occasionally some of these applications receive a little extra polish and get placed on this web site for others to use.
Some of the applications are made with SuperCard.

Two applications made with SuperCard
µGames is a bundle of seven little, easy games (or software toys, if you prefer) Made with Supercard
Ralf Könner site is mainly dedicated to communication & design but also to a handful of scripting and software interface design pages. It is in the German language.
A superCard only page is is the works (July 2005)
If you have a Supercard site please join.

I will be updating the page regularly adding more information and links. If you would like a link to your page or have some information that you would like to see mail me at the address below.

This page was created from a simple Supercard Project.

The old Hypercard links that used to be here.

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