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MPI Help and Information

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ModuloPI or MPI is an alternative Runtime Editor(RTE) for SuperCard. MPI is the creation of Stéphane Leys.

These pages are my attempt to create some online help for MPI, at the moment Jan 2005) the pages are in progress, and will probably continue to be so for a while.

I am a enthuastic user of SuperCard and MPI, but the information on these pages is limited by my knowledge and skill (There will probably be a few typos too), please let me know if there are any mistakes, broken links or ommisions and I'll try to fix them. John

There is a site map below which should let you find your way about.


Getting Started

An Introduction to MPI Installing MPI MPI Preferences Keyboard Shortcuts

Main MPI palette and toolbar

File Edit Modules Utilities Text Colors Help

Click on a menu to go to the help page for that menu



I have just started documenting all the modules, these links will become active as the pages get created. Run your mouse down the menu to see which pages are linked.

Other pages

Window Templates

Quicktime movies

There are a few QT movies of MPI scattered about the site, these are direct links for quick access:

Menu Movie

Sub menu popup Movie

Vertical Shift submenu movie

Browse Module Movie

Magnifying Glass Module Movie

Overview Module Movie

Menu Module Movie

Property Inspector Movie

A series of anchordata movies:


I written a couple of SC tutorials which deal with MPI:

SC, Image Files and MPI

MPI's AnchorData Module