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ModuloPi or MPI is an alternative Runtime Editor(RTE) for SuperCard. MPI is the creation of Stéphane Leys who designed a lot of SuperCard's own RTE. Stéphane is also responsible for the Property Inspector in the Utilities menu of the RTE. (SC 4.1.2)

This page links to some pages with various pieces of MPI help and information. I hope eventually to have a fairly comprehensive set of help files.

In progress MPI help, descriptions of main features, quicktime walkthroughs etc.

quite out of date, but giving a reasonable overview of the main features

SC, Image Files and MPI A growing tutorial which will be occasionally added to on building a project to import, manipulate and export image files.

MPI's AnchorData Module A short tutorial on AnchorData and autoResize, with some quicktime of MPI's AnchorData Module

MPI Tips A subsection of my Bad Poet blog on SuperCard.

page updated: 6 February 2005


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