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SuperCard 3.6 Projects

Needs SuperCard 3.6 For the Classic Mac OS (version 7.0 to 9.2.2)

Oblique Strategies screenshot
The Oblique Strategies are a set of cards by designed by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt.
The cards have been published in various sets 1975, 1978, and 1979 Brian Eno/Peter Schmidt.
They can be used for getting out of a blank situation, for advice or whatever....
They were published in 4 versions.
Various electronic versions have been released by different folk including a HyperCard version.
I discovered 'The Oblique Strategies' and made a SuperCard version.
I got the text from Oblique Strategies a web site by Gregory Taylor You can read more there and at EnoWeb.
Download Oblique Strategies SuperCard Player 3.6 project.
SC Stickies screenshot
SC Stickies is a very simple utility project that lets you use fake "Stickies" in SuperCard projects. You may find these useful to add notes at runtime. To add a sticky to your project you just drag them from the right hand graphic on the palette to your project.

Once a sticky is on your card:

  • To move a sticky- Command drag
  • To resize a sticky - Comand drag the bottom right corner
  • To type in a sticky- click it
  • To delete a sticky option-shift-click [Thanks to Mike Richards]
  • To alter the color- option hold and if you haven't changed your sharedfile Script you get a color popup.
Stickies will work with AllowDragAndDrop true or false, you can use the project as a utility in the Project Editor, but of course you can't use the stickys produced until you run the project.
SC Stickies has been designed to be used with a runtime editor such as Tangerine, the SC4 RTE or ModuloMPI

Download SC Stickies For SC 3.6

Project Pal screenshots and more information Version 1.1 for SC 3.6

screenshots and more information Version 1.2 for SC 4

This project gives quick access to other projects it consists of a series of user created popup buttons, the buttons pops lists of projects and open the one selected, alias information is stored in the buttons UserProps. Projects are added to the buttons via file dialog or Drag and Drop; drag projects, folders or a combination on to the button and all the projects are listed in the popup.
Uses the Alias2Path and Path2Alias from Mark Lucas's Wetware11 collection(Open Source) and PopUpMenu XCFN from incwell.
Put it in you Utilities Folder.
Version 1.1 29 September 2001

  • Fixes a bug, where if a folder was dropped twice on to a button one of the project would be removed from the popup menu.
  • Give better User Feedback on a drop.
  • Adds Preference for setting SuperCard Global Property to allow palette to be shown in the background; assisting Draging from the finder.

Bugs caught and improvments suggested by Bernard LaVie the creator of Tangerine

Download Proj Pal 1.1 for SC 3.6

Application Switcher Control screenshots
A Fake control panel made with SuperCard. You can use it to change many atributes of the Application Switcher palette that comes with Mac OS 8.5 and later.
Need SuperCard Player 3.6.
Download Application Switcher Control

AppleScript Tester screenshot
A Simple project to let the user try out SuperCard's AppleScript functions. Can run, compile check the syntax and build SC scripts to run appleScripts
Need SuperCard Player 3.6.
Download AppleScript Tester
PD Rotate

A Simple utility that rotates the pictureData of a SuperCard Graphic uses the Tangerine Plugin system, but should also work with the PE. Put it in the Utilities folder of the SCPouch.
Need Tangerine 1.6 to use the Tangerine Feedback mechanism
Download PD Rotate

SourceRect An example of the undocumented SourceRect property of PictureData graphics
Download SourceRect Proj
Button Toy screenshot Quality of Screenshot gifs not as good as the real buttons.
This project makes SuperCard Graphics which act as buttons. They are 'Aqua' Type buttons, but the principal could be extended to other sort of button. The pictureData of the 'buttons' created is of the up and down states, the source rect of the pictureData is controled from the script installed in the graphic. Could be easly extended to other styles of 'buttons' if I had any graphic skills.
Download Button Toy
Ultimate Calendar screenshot This is a nifty Calendar by Doug Denby which can be incorpriated easily in your own projects, a gift from Doug to the SC community. Features:
  • The fields included in this project implement ways to visually display dates in a calendar format and retrieve dates from the user. There are no XCmds or Xfncs required. Two of the fields are aware of the user's setting for short date display and handle international dates. The third field handles partial dates such as year or year and month. A unique way of handling script size limitations is invoked in the second field which handles dates beyond the MacOS limits.
14 June 2001 Now at version 1.4
Download Ultimate Calendar

HyperCard Downloads

addColor Scripting Ref.
This is a HyperCard stack which provides a reference to the commands of the addColor XCMD. It has a card and example for each of the commands, visual effect demos, a few handy scripts and examples of bevels.
Needs HC 2.2 and stuffit Expander.
Download addColor Scripting Ref1.1 file size 136K
weeColorPal is a stack with a palette to quickly carry out some addColor stuff without opening Color Tools.
The palette is small 72 by 20 pixels it uses drop down menus to do the following:
  • Change bevels on colored buttons or fields,
  • Change a colored rect, button or field to display a ppat resource in the current stack,
  • Change a colored rect, button or field to any other color from a color picker which pops out of the palette,
  • Get information about the color displayed at a point or for the whole card.
  • Remove the color from any object or layer.
  • Sort or compact the color database.
  • Move a colored layer back or forwards.
  • Put up a list of all the addColor commands clicking on one puts the syntax into the message box.

Needs HC 2.2 and stuffit Expander.
Download weeColorPal file size
The stack is a work around for the fact that HyperCard cannot handle jpegs anf gifs with the AddColor XCMD
The handler will import any image file that QuickTime can use as a PICT resource and display it with addColor.
  • syntax AddColorImageFile [Display][, cdorBg][, transOrOpa]
  • display if true then the newly created PICT resource will be displayed on the cdOrBg layer with transparency transOrOpa if Display is not true the chosen file will be imported as a PICT resource, you can then use it with the Color Tools.
  • cdOrBg can be cd or bg defaults to the card layer if editBackground is false
  • transOrOpa can be t or o defaults to o

Needs HC 2.4 and stuffit Expander.
Download weeColorPal file