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July 2005

All reference to Roadster on the http://www.superCard.us site.

There is no OS plugin avalible at the moment and I have heard of no new about it.

I will not be updating this page until I hear something, but have left it here for reference and general interest, the links have not been checked for a couple of years.

Roadster is a Web browser plug-in which lets you play SuperCard projects over the web. The possibilities are vast. You can run the projects just as if they were on your desktop. The projects could be games, multimedia, databases or any other type of application that can be made with SuperCard.
The Roadster plug-in is now renamed the SuperCard WEB Plug-in, I still use the term Roadster in some places here.

As of 12 July 2002 Solutions Etcetera have taken over over SuperCard the new SuperCard web site is here: http://www.superCard.us
October 23, 2002 SuperCard 4 for mac os X is avalible.
There have been no announcments about Roadster, the plugin dosen't seem to work in os X, I will not be updating this page until I find out something of roadster's/SC-Web's future. Any sign of roadster has gone from the Supercard classic site.

The following information is good for pre os x systems, the old incWell links have not been updated.

Getting the plug-in
New February 2002 The plugins have resurfaced!
Mac: http://supercard.us/classic/ftp/Roadster/SCWebPlugin.sea.hqx
Win: http://supercard.us/classic/ftp/Roadster/SCWEBWin-v102.zip
As far as I know there is no documentation on the SuperCard Classic Pages.

Using the plug-in
Once you have the plug-in you will need to put it into your plug-in folder and restart Netscape. Bookmark this page before you leave!

The plug-in is still in Beta so it some times doesn't work quite right. On Macs there maybe some problems with Roadster and some versions of Browsers. I have used Netscape 2.02 the oldest version it can run on, 3x 4.05 successfully and now use 4.7.

What I have found
I originally used a Preforma 630 with Netscape 4.05 0r 2.02 with both these setups all the projects on this site work fine. I had 16MB of memory assigned to NetScape.
Recently I borrowed an iMac, with this machine I have tried Internet Explorer 4.01 with 4MB of RAM and the powerPC plugin and NetScape 4.05 with various amounts of RAM and the powerPC plugin.
With th IE setup the projects load fine but ones with cicn icons in buttons did not show the cicns (eg Flip Card)
With NetScape on the iMac I got lots of not enough memory messages until I increased the memory allocation to Netscape to 30MB!
I am going to try out diffrent browsers versions RAM and plugin configurations when I can, if you try any of my projects or have any other information on this topic please let me know.
I am now using the new (fat) plugin on IE 5 and Netscape 4.7 on my new G3, with much better results. In fact it runs well with IE and its preset 5mb of Ram!

Roadster projects on this site
These give some idea of the simpler possibilities of SuperCard (or HyperCard) use in the classroom and some scripting examples.
The download time for all of them is short and the smaller ones are very fast to load. If you are wanting a quick look I suggest looking at Sticky Shapes or Simple Graph.

win95 I have not had the chance to get these project to work with on Windows, if you do try then from a windows machine tell me and then I will add a windows gif to the list. Until then Mac only.
MacOS Basic Card 6k just one card one button and one field boring but a fast check to see if Roadster is working on your setup.
MacOS Rommy Roadster:86k Rommy is an on screen simulation of the a programmable floor toy . This is one of the games from my Rommy Robot application. You can design a maze and write directions for the robot to get through. Then you try them out.
Note some of the cicn icons on this project did not seem show up properly on Internet Explorer I have converted them to graphics and they seem to show up ok now. Ther project has been much improved recently, choose from 2 version of Rommy at Rommy Robot's Home Page
MacOS Flip Card: 60k This is a very simple game I threw together to test Roadster. It is one of those matching games were you have to keep the cards turned over by matching pairs.
Note some of the graphics on this project do not seem show up properly on Internet Explorer
MacOS Sticky Shapes 19K This project is base on one described by Keith Martin Technical Editor of MacUser. He has a lot of great SuperCard and other interesting stuff at his Vortex site
MacOS Simple Graph 23k This is a conversion of a HyperCard stack I made for school it is here just to show the value of a really simple stack or project in a primary classroom.
MacOS Simple Scripts 25k This project lets you play with some simple scripting online. I hope to improve it as time goes on.
MacOS Buttons, pigs and inks 40K Some examples of how to script buttons, pictureData and ink effects.
MacOS 2D Shapes 26K a very simple quiz on 2D shape names. A polygon draw graphic is scripted to change shape. A quick couple of minutes for primary children.

It may help to hide your Netscape navigation bar if like me you have a 14 inch monitor.

If you check these projects out I would really like to find out how you got on; mail me: jhj@dircon.co.uk.

Other Roadster Sites There is a lot of great Roadster stuff on the web; here are some addresses.