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SuperCard Editing Environments

SuperCard 4 ships with two Editing environment SuperEdit and the Runtime Editor SuperEdit is separate application that allows you to create and edit SuperCard projects in an inactive state. The Runtime Editor is a set of tools to edit SuperCard projects in SuperCard.
SE thumbnail

click the image to open it full sized in a new window.

SuperEdit is SuperCard's original editing environment. It allows dissection of a project in an inactive state.

SuperEdit has a couple of advantages over runtime editors:

1. It can copy and paste windows, menus and more than one card at a time.
2. It can create ICON, cursor and clut resources.
3. Import of HyperCard stacks.

To run a project from Super Edit (command R) SE closes and SuperCard, opens.

A lot of experenced scripters prefer SE, buy a long way, I prefer the runtime, when my mistakes show up quickly.
rte thumbnail

click the image to open it full sized in a new window.

The Runtime Editor is the main environment for creating and modifying SuperCard projects.
It consists of several palettes, tool bars and editor windows and windows for automatic scripting, sound, animation and movie recording.

The RTE is a SuperCard Project, it is possible to make a Editor of your own with SuperCard. I guess most scripters play with this at sometime.


ModuloPI Modulopi is an alternate SuperCard 4 RTE from Stéphane Leys. Modular and more powerful that the one that ships with SuperCard. I have been using it since the first betas and prefer it to the RTE, by a long way. The Modulopi Site has lots of screenshots, I recomend downloading it and trying it out. I have written a more on MPI on my ModuloPi Pages

Rare Software's Tangerine was my favourite SC 3 editor. Tangerine has not been updated for SC4.


You cannot tell a lot from my screenshots, the SuperCard site gives a lot more information about the RTE and SuperEdit.