QTRecordSound Example

This is a wee project that will let you play with the QTRecordSound Xtrn, try out the various parameters without writing a script. I will show the script it is using in a field eg:

QTRecordSound( “start”,cd fld “file path”,500,48KHz,8,6:1,1 )

Download qtrecordsound_example.sc45.zip Probably best to treat this as a beta project. If you like it or have problems/questions let me know in the comments. ]]>

ScriptLib update

Scriptlib on the server side to replace non-break-space chars (often copied from mail) to spaces and to allow the website to show characters properly.
These showed up in St


Simple_Guides.proj is a SuperCard project that lists and downloads other SuperCard projects from a server.
The projects are an assortment of simple examples and SuperCard guides.
Simple_Guides.proj hopes to fulfill two functions.

  • As a simple example of a way SuperCard can download and open projects from the internet.
  • To provide simple guides to some aspects of SuperCard.

Read more: Simple Guides
Download Simple_Guides_03.sc45.zip version 0.3 Updated for Intel and to the SuperCard 4.5 file format. ]]>

Image File Import Palette

This wee project will display thumbnails of a folder of images, optionally show you some information about them and allow you to drag the fullsized image onto your SuperCard windows to create pictureData graphics.
The project uses Terry Heaford’s contactSheet external to display the images and his ExifRead external to show information, when there is no Exif data in the image it uses the commandline utility sips to get some information.
Download image file import.sc45 ]]>

Rommy Robot 3.0 Beta 7

I’ve reased another version of Rommy Robot today.
I’ve not really had a lot of time to work on Rommy over the last year as my educational computing has gone in another direction. This Beta will not time out, is universal and is no longer shareware, rommy is now free (donations accepted), no registration required.

Rommy Robot is a child friendly screen programmable robot.
Rommy Robot is useful for teaching Shape, Position and Movement in primary mathematics and is a way of introducing young children to control technology. ]]>

SuperCard 4.6.2 Released

Solutions Etcetera today announced that SuperCard 4.6.2, a maintenance update to its Universal Binary version of SuperCard is now shipping. The update is available, free of charge, to all registered SuperCard 4.6 users via download from the SuperCard website (http://www.supercard.us/).

New in 4.6.2

It has been a long time since I blogged here, as I am busy at school but I’ve missed a few releases of ModuloPI which is now at version 3.1b1 – updated on 02/11/07 works perfectly with SC 4.6.2 and still the essential editor for me. ]]>

More new Universal Externals

Repeating Date:

This finds a repeating date. You give it an event start date, and how often the event repeats, e.g. once weekly or every eight days, and a test date. It can then find the nearest repeat to the test date, either before or after the test date.

to Externals.net.
and Terry Heaford has put two useful image externals onto the SuperCard Yahoo Files area:
Images can manipulate the source image contained in a SuperCard variable, crop, pad, scale rotation etc.
mergeImages (beta) which implements the composite operations contained within Cocoa by merging two images. ]]>