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This page links to various Flash, toys and experiments that I have been playing with along with some worksheets for children.
I have been learning a bit of Flash on and for a while, I do not take it a seriously as SuperCard so the files here are not the professional quality found in the software section. But I do find flash a very useful tool for teaching in primary school, both for use by children and for making teaching tools for children. The worksheets are below the toys section.


Rommy Robot Rommy Robot
For Teaching beginning LOGO. Create a maze by clicking then use button to write instructions to move the robot around with LOGO.

Clocks A tell the time game at our school site, and Tell the time worksheets here.

Fraction wall Fraction Wall For teaching equivalent fractions. A clicakable fraction wall and a completion game.

Food Groups Sort the food into groups

Whiteboard try How the Night..An example of a text in flash to use with a projector to markup text with a class. Probably a total waste of time given all the great whiteboard application avalible, or even compared to using a word processor!

Close Procedures Flash Cloze Some attempts at producing cloze procedures in Flash. I've done quite a lot of work on this producing a create and play system for lanoweb

Quizes Flash Quizzes
That I have put together for my Class.

Puttin' on DE STIJL Puttin' on DE STIJLCreate a Mondrian picture in flash, uses a Flamethrower CGI to save JPEGs to the server.

Function Machine Function Machine
A Toy for teaching Primary children the concept of maths function machines.

Oblique Stratigies Oblique Stratigies a Flash version of Brian Eno's random problem solving tool, stratigies sent from a Flamethrower CGI. It would have been a lot more sensiable to make it witout the flamethrower bit.


Flash Worksheets Aimed at primary six - seven, ten - eleven year old children. Using flash for the first time. Most are for Flash 5 but some are Flash MX, the screenshots and instructions are for Mac OS, but should work fine on windows with the exception of keyboard shortcuts. Most of the sheets were made with appleworks and printed to pdf. If you would like the appleworks files to change please mail me. John
Examples: Sandaig Primary Computer Club

Basics Flash MX Shape tweening pdf
Flash MX Motion tweening pdf
cartoon_face.pdf Tracing digital photos example from school: Look At Us

Bat Worksheets Worksheets to make a a bat fly around, good for halloween.
Example bat made by my daughter. Primary seven in 2001 at Sandaig Primary: Flash Bats 2001

Valentine Worksheets Example made by my daughter: Hearts Primary seven in 2002 at Sandaig Primary: Sandaig Hearts

Simple Slide Show The simplest presentation I could write instruction for:
Template stuffed for mac
Template zipped for PC


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