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LittleFish Software


Educational Shareware

  WorkSheet Maker icon Worksheet Maker is an application for creating and printing Math worksheets with the click of a button.
WorkSheet MakerDetails and Downloads Version 2.3 For OS X
  Rommy icon Rommy Robot is an on screen programmable Robot. Useful for teaching Shape, Position and Movement.
A Beta version of Rommy Robot 3 for OS X is available
Rommy Robot Details and Downloads

Educational Freeware

Check out our useful and fun freeware for primary schools.

SuperCard 4 Projects
Needs SuperCard 4 or the free SuperCard Player 4 [link opens in a new window]
SuperCard 4 is a carbon application, runs in OS X, or 8.6 or later with carbonlib 1.6

  Number chase Card Maker A SuperCard Player Project that makes cards for a simple mental arithmetic game. Number Chase Card Maker Details and Download
  Halloween Poems is a simple game/application for primary (K-6) children. It lets them produce illustrated spooky poems. Available as a Standalone Application and a SuperCard Player Project. Halloween Poems Details and downloads

more freeware coming...