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version 2.3.4 For OS X released 27 September 2004

Download WorkSheet Maker 2.3.4
For OS X or 8.6-9.2.2 with carbonlib 1.6

worksheet maker screenshot

Screenshots and Example Sheets

This application will make worksheets for Primary Maths. It will make and print one or more copies of worksheets and an answer sheet if desired each time 'Print' is clicked. It will randomise the numbers each time it makes a sheet.


It is probably easier to understand WorkSheet Maker's features from the screenshots, scroll down and see.
Worksheet Maker can make sheets with one or more of the following types of questions:


Download WorkSheet Maker 2.3.4 For OS X or 8.6-9.2.2 with carbonlib 1.6

WorkSheet Maker 2.2 PPC
WorkSheet Maker 2.2 68K
The unregistered version is limited in the type of questions you can use on a sheet and the types of sheet you can print.


Register with the Register Application included with the download.

Or: Pay Registration Fee Online via Kagi

with PayPal, by clicking this button for a Single User License:

or this one for a School Site License:


Version 2.3 OS 8.6 or later with carbonlib 1.6 or OS X Version 2.2 Mac with a 68040 processor or better; PPC preferred; System 7.6 or later; 4MB free Ram; a printer. On Power Macs Worksheet Maker 1.6 may require 3MB of RAM

Online Version

There is a free to use online version of Worksheet Maker with a limited Features set and no answer sheets. WorkSheet Maker Online

Version History

Version 2.3.4
27 September 2004
Version 2.3.3
19 January 2004
Version 2.3.2
15 October 2003
Version 2.3.1
28 April 2003
Version 2.3
Released February 2003
Version 2.2.1
Released 17 May 2002
Version 2.2.2
Released 14 August 2002
Version 2.2.1
Released 17 May 2002
Version 2.2
Released 1 October 2001
Version 2.1
Released 30 April 2001
Version 2.0.1
Released 19 February 2001
Version 2.0
Released 12 November 2000

Version 1.6

Version 1.5